Lesson: EYFS

Class: Foundation Year: 2022 - 2023

There has been a lot of drama in the Early Years unit this week...

On Monday, we came into school to find some vegetables had been trapped and taped down. We realised that this was very similar to events in the Supertato story so decided it must have been Evil Pea who had escaped from the freezer. We also decided he must have taken Supertato because he hadn't been to rescue the veggies. 

On Tuesday, we discovered that Evil Pea had returned and had stolen all of the prizes from our Spotty Box! We decided enough was enough and made our own WANTED posters. We put these up all around school to see if we could get some help capturing Evil Pea. 

On Wednesday, it was clear that Evil Pea had returned and he had stolen all of Humphrey the hamster's toys! There was sawdust everywhere!!! Luckily our CCTV camera in the Rainbow Room had caught the villain in action! We decided to make our very own giant Supertato to see if he could help us capture Evil Pea. 

On Thursday, we couldn't believe our eyes! He had been at it again! This time, he had tipped over all our baskets, left toilet roll everywhere and had written on the floor in the Messy Area! He had even stolen the CCTV camera from the Rainbow Room! Thankfully, we also had a CCTV camera in the Messy Area so we could see exactly what Evil Pea had been up to. We decided the only thing left to do was make some traps to try and catch Evil Pea. Watch this space to see if we manage to succeed in trapping this mischievous escaPEA and get him back in the freezer where he belongs...

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