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At Sherwood, we regularly consult with our children on safety at Sherwood. On 26th April 2023, we invited a representative from Lancashire County Council into School to talk to our children about safety at Sherwood. Here are the children's responses:

Do you enjoy school? Tell me your favourite things about school.

  • Playing with our friends.
  • Learning, I really enjoy Maths and History.
  • The teachers are kind.
  • Playing Football
  • Bikeability

Is there anything you don't like at school?

  •  Sometimes the work is hard, but our teachers always help us.

Do you feel safe in school?

  • Yes

If something is making you feel sad or worried or scared who do you talk to or tell?

  • If it was at home I would tell my mum or dad. If it was at school I would tell my teacher.
  • In school I would tell a trusted adult
  • We have worry boxes and worry monsters

Do your teachers teach you how to be safe? What things do you learn about?

  • Online safety
  • Bikeability
  • How to be safe crossing the road
  • We have rules to follow when we go on trips
  • We learn about relationships and how to be a good friend
  • We learn what to do in an emergency

Is there any bullying in school? What do teachers do about it?

Pupils answered this very well. They discussed what bullying is and what it can look like. They discussed that sometimes, you just have a fall out and you can sort it out yourself. Other times you tell your teachers and they sort it out quickly. Children also spoke about behaviour, and that some children cannot help the way they behave as they are still learning and the children spoke of how they can be a good friend to help them learn. All children spoke of the behaviour system and felt all teachers used this fairly.

Sarah Holyhead, Lancashire County Council

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