Sports Council

Summer Term 1 2023

The Sports Council met on Friday 27th April.  We discussed lots of ideas from the class suggestion boxes.

Extra-curricular clubs – Most clubs start next week.  There is a wide range of activities available, before and after school.

Playtime equipment – Year 6 monitors check the equipment boxes after Year 4 & 6 play.  It was suggested that Year 5 and Year 2 monitors could check the boxes after their playtimes to ensure they are tidy.  Infants are enjoying playing football using the new goals on the playground.  An audit will be conducted to check we have enough balls and skipping ropes.  

Lunchtime play - Children are enjoying playing sports at lunchtime.  Netball and tennis are popular on the Junior playground.  Some children asked if football could be played at lunchtime.  We spoke about there not being enough room for football when everyone is outside.  The children enjoy sessions with Mr Johns.  Some children have asked for cricket bats to be available.  We discussed that this would be unsafe on the playground.  We may look at this when we can use the field for playtimes.

Sports events - We discussed the positive results that Sherwood teams have achieved recently.  The Sports Council are looking forward to Sports Days and helping out.  Next half term, all of Year 3 will attend an afternoon sporting fixture where all children with have the opportunity to compete against other schools.

Fund raising for sports kits – Some Council members have recently written letters and approached local businesses about sponsorship.  A request has also been made on the weekly school newsletter.  All the Council members have started to investigate the kits available through The Premier League Stars Programme.

Thank you - The Sports Council wanted to say thank you for all sporting opportunities available at Sherwood.


Spring Term 2 2023

The Sports Council met on Friday 3rd March.  We discussed more ideas from the suggestion box.

Playtime equipment - The new equipment for playtime is very popular with the children.  The equipment boxes are sometimes untidy at the end of play.  Sports Council members can tidy during sessions and year 6 monitors will be reminded. 

After school cricket - A number of children asked about a cricket club.  This will be offered in the summer term.

Lunchtime play - Children are enjoying playing sports in set areas as it makes it safer and easier to play competitive games.  The council discussed whether more sports for different zones could be set up.  This will be discussed with the lunchtime staff.  Mr Johns does play a range of sports on different days with all year groups.   Juniors asked if they are able to use the running track at lunch.  Can the children devise new games for the zones that are safe and fun?

Sports events - We discussed that we enter all possible sporting events.  This year there have been a number of new events that have allowed more children to take part.  The children greatly enjoy these opportunities. 

Fund raising - The older members of the council have been challenged to raise money by approaching local businesses.  The money would be used to buy new sports kit for the sports teams. 

Thank you - The Sports Council wanted to say thank you for all the new playtime equipment. 


Spring Term 2023

The Sports Council met on Friday 13th January.  We discussed ideas from the suggestion box:

Playtime equipment – There were lots of suggestions about more equipment needed for playtime.   We went outside and the children conducted an audit of the current equipment.  It was found that we have lots of bats but very few balls.  Children suggested soft balls to help keep everyone safe. During the audit, members also suggested that more skipping ropes were needed.  An order for more equipment will be made.

PE lessons – Children asked about the sports we do in PE.  Who chooses?  We discussed that the curriculum map ensures there is a range of sports in each year group.  Together we looked at the PE curriculum map and everyone agreed there is a large and varied range of sports.

Tag Rugby Tags – It was suggested that more tags and belts are needed.  An audit will be conducted by council members.

Lunchtime sport – Children asked if there could be more sport at lunchtime.  Mr Johns has started to provide sport sessions for Years 3 – 6 this term.  The sessions are very popular.

Tennis Club – Before tennis sessions for Year 5/6 and 3/4 are available this term. 

More after school clubs – We spoke about the huge range of clubs we already have.  Members were excited that new ones have started and different ones will be available in the summer term.

Fund Raising – There were suggestions to raise money for charity and sports kit by having a sponsored sports event.  This will be discussed with Mrs Lumb. We discussed future plans regarding the sponsorship of new sporting kits by local businesses. Begin to investigate.

Sports Teams – Children are enjoying representing the school.  We discussed that at Sherwood we enter every sporting event possible during the year.  Also, we enter as many teams as possible to ensure that as many children as possible take part. 

PNE – It was suggested that children could go to watch a football match at Preston.  Mr Hudson said he will speak with the community office to see if discounted tickets were available. 

Thank you – The Sports Council wanted to say another thank you to all staff for all the sport that takes place at Sherwood.


Autumn Term 2022

Our Sports Council met on Friday 18th November, for the first time this academic year.  Our representatives introduced themselves and discussed the ideas from the suggestion boxes.  We discussed several ideas:

Fundraising - Ideas were discussed to raise money for new Sherwood team sports kit.   The group suggested that money could also be given to charity. Ideas such as a mini-marathon, a sports quiz and a whole school triathlon were discussed.

Team participation - All the boys who attend football training had the opportunity to play in a match and really enjoyed it.  The same for the girls would be popular. Mr Hudson to discuss with Mr Johns and plan matches in the spring term.

Playtime equipment - We discussed having more goals on the playground.  The group suggested using ones from the field at playtime.  New footballs for each class will be made available. 

New clubs - Sports Council members asked about tennis for Years 5 & 6.  Mr Hudson will speak with our current provider about availability for the spring term.

World Cup Football - Some of the council asked about watching the Football World Cup in school time.  Most games will be played out of school hours but the early stage games are available to watch on catch up television. 

Thank you - The Sports Council wanted to say thank you to all staff for the great range of activities and clubs on offer at school.






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