Photography in School

Photography of your child

Parents are not covered by the General Data Protection Regulation if they are taking photographs or making a video recording of their own child for private use. Parents at Sherwood Primary School are therefore permitted to take photographs or make video recordings of their own child at school events, such as: Concerts, Sports Day, Assemblies and PTA led events in school.

Parents are not permitted, however, to take photographs or to make a video recording for anything other than their own personal use. The General Data Protection Regulation considers an image of a child to be personal data and does not permit such photos or videos to be sold, put on public display or to be put on the internet. (Recording or photography other than for private use would require the consent of all the other parents whose children may be included in the images). Without this consent the General Data Protection Regulation would be breached.

Health and Safety at School Events

For Health and Safety reasons, parents and family will be asked to remain in their seat when attending assemblies and school performances. This ensures that children are kept safe, the performance is not disrupted and children and staff are not distracted. We also ask that parents do not use flashlight, bulky or noisy equipment.

We consider only family and carers as the appropriate people to use cameras or video recorders at school events. To avoid embarrassment, please do not ask anyone else to take photographs or make recordings on your behalf. We ask that parents identify to staff, in advance, any family member whom staff may not recognise. People that school staff do not recognise may be asked to stop using a phone, camera or video recorder.

Photography of Staff

Photographs and video images of staff are classed as personal data under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore, using such images will require the consent of the staff member concerned. Parents are not permitted to photograph/film members of staff at Sherwood Primary School without consent.

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