Sherwood Curriculum

At Sherwood, we aim to provide a creative, vocabulary rich curriculum that inspires and challenges our children, in preparation for life in a culturally diverse and ever-changing world. High expectations, inclusive approaches and excellent teaching will form the basis of all our work. Our children will have the opportunity to read widely, explore, ask questions and become knowledgeable, independent learners. Our Curriculum will prepare our children for life-long learning.



Our high quality, ambitious curriculum is sequenced into manageable components to support our pupils to develop a deep body of knowledge across Curriculum. The nature of the learning that takes place in our classrooms includes opportunities for our pupils to be involved in discussion, debate and opportunities to ask questions.

Our learning environment and ethos that promotes participation, reflection and independence, supports open discussion, and challenges pupils to develop mutual respect for each other.

Our enrichment programme provides rich opportunities for pupils to take part in a range of artistic, cultural, sporting, musical, mathematical, scientific, technological events; these impact positively on our children’s self-esteem and confidence, teamwork skills.


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