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We Love Reading!

Reading is a core skill which is key to pupils’ learning in all subjects. All children at Sherwood are encouraged to read widely in order to gain skills which can be applied across the curriculum.  

Please try to read with your child every evening and discuss the pages read. It is more important to read a few pages followed by discussion, retelling, remembering facts and understanding of new vocabulary, than to rush through. It's great when they stop and ask what a word means! Many children in Year 4 can read the text on the page, but being able to answer more complex questions and understand the author's word choices often proves more of a challenge. For example, in addition to discussing the events in a fiction text, some useful questions to ask could be 'Can you find a word with a similar meaning to...', 'Can you find a clue on this page that tells us the character is angry?'  

Enjoying a book with an adult is so beneficial to children, and will help them on their learning journey. Hopefully they will continue deveop their love of reading, which will continue throughout their lives.

Children will not read every day to an adult in school in Year 4, so your role is very important in supporting their progress. Please record the pages you have read, or whether the book has been finished at home, in the home school diary. 

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