Reading Champions

Reading Champions Meeting November 2022

The Reading Champions met to review matters arising from the Autumn term and to discuss ideas for new reading initiatives for the Spring Term from the  class suggestion boxes.

Below is a summary of the discussion:

To watch the films of the books that we read in class - Miss Terrell said that this was a good suggestion as it would deepen children's understanding of the text and that classes could make comparisons between the book and film. Many classes already do this in KS2 as part of their English Unit. Reading Champions to check if this is happening in Foundation and KS1. 

More mystery and horror fiction  - we discussed how stock in the library has been recently replenished and updated. Year 6 Reading Champions to audit fiction titles to review if we need more mystery and horror. Miss Terrell pointed out that the Reading Pathways for KS2 children have a good balance of fiction genres and have recently been updated to include diversity.

To celebrate when a pupil begins their Reading Pathway journey - we discussed that this was a good idea but decided that it was more important to celebrate achievement when a Pathway has been completed - certificates are presented in the Headteacher's Award Assembly on Fridays. 

More reading displays around school - Miss Terrell said that each classroom should have a reading area. We also discussed that there are key displays in the library which help children choose a book plus the ipads with book reviews and recommendations on. Reading Champions to complete a learning walk next time we meet to review reading areas and displays. These can then be promoted back in class.

A day full of reading - The Reading Champions agreed that we read a lot at Sherwood and that we share class novels and non-fiction texts on a daily basis. Miss Terrell said that we would have a week when it is World Book Day full of reading based activities. This year's focus is going to be poetry. Reading Champions to think of ideas and activities for our next meeting. 

Audio books in the library - we thought that this was a great idea and discussed how this could be possible. Would audio CDs still be popular or could there be links to audio books on the ipads in the library? Reading Champions and MIss Terrell to explore further.


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