Music for assemblies Spring 2020

Welcome to our Autumn 2020 music themes where you can to listen and appraise different music each week in class and at home.

Take the time to:

1. Think about the mood of the music. How does it make you feel?

2. Where would you use this music? Would it be used at a specific event or for a certain type of film or television programme?

3. Think about who wrote the piece of music. Why did they write this music? Can you research composers of this particular style of music?

4. Can you feel the beat for the music? Bang it on the desk or tap it quietly with your fingers. The beat you make has to fit the music. Can you feel the pulse of the music if you shut your eyes?

5. Can you identify any voices or different instruments in the music? What are they? How many are there?

6. Can you find out more about this musical style of the piece of music? Do you like it? Can you express your opinions about it clearly and with reason?

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